Conveyancing is simply a legal term for the transfer of the legal title of a piece of land from one party to another, or the creation of a new interest, such as a lease or mortgage, on a piece of land and Conveyancing Services specialises in carrying out the legal work required for buying and selling property.

Here at Your Corner Group we understand that your home is a significant financial and emotional investment, which is why we feel so strongly that it is important that we, as your conveyancer, support you throughout the process. It’s important to us that our clients are comfortable with their property conveyancer and feel able to ask questions and discuss their concerns. Whether buying or selling we believe communication is the key to managing your expectations and minimising your stress which is why we take time right at the outset to understand your circumstances and your needs.

Every step of the way we will act in your best interests and explain where you are and what will happen next. We aim to make your experience as clear and free from stress as we possibly can.


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