Unit Trust is a form of collective investment that brings together a number of investors under a trust deed, and allows each one to buy only the portion or share they can afford. Multiple investor’s increases investment capacity, which in turn increases the potential investment returns.

Your Corner provides fast, effective creation of Unit Trusts and all the associated paperwork.

Advantages of Unit Trusts

Unit trusts can be very beneficial for a number of reasons:
  • Risks are spread out due to the wider pool of investors.
  • Easy to introduce new members. ‘Value shifting’ rules don’t apply
  • Administrative burden is reduced greatly. Less regulations than a company.
  • Simple to wind up
  • Asset protection is available if the trust deed is draft in the right way with the right stipulations
  • Small business concessions are availalble

How Can Your Corner Help?

Your Corner can help you in setting up unit trusts. Our services cover the following
  • Expert unit trust setup and management by professionals
  • Consultancy services providing advice on each step
  • Cost reduction and minimisation strategies; legislative advice and updates

Your Corner are experts in setting up unit trusts. Call us today.